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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

To celebrate Father's Day, 'wallet and earth friendly' BunduBeard is giving away a grooming set worth R1300 to one lucky dad and/or husband! 

Because I am so passionate about natural products that do not harm me or the environment, I am so excited about this brand and trying out their products!

Tell us a bit more about the research and developing of the products before you launched your business.

Bundubeard started about 3 years ago, but only went online about two weeks ago, Classic, wet shaving offers a huge range of products, and getting a variety of budget, and high end items together, from various countries, took some time. We also experimented with our soap a lot, but we can only shower, shampoo and shave so many times a day!

How did you decide on your range of products?

​We love the environment, and offering lifestyle products that lightens the load on our beautiful planet gives me great satisfaction. Stuff must work. Ours does. All of our hardware will last you a decade to a lifetime and longer. There are many sites selling classic cutthroats that are over a century old, this certainly breaks the linear economy and turns it into a circular economy. A good razor can serve several generations of men. I wish I could get some of my Oupa's shaving equipment today, it would have been great reminders of a great man. 

Your soaps are pretty – what makes them special?

​Raw materials; we source from a few countries on the continent. Virgin, cold pressed coconut oil from Mozambique being one of my favorite go-fetch-trips, as we also love the country, its people and scuba diving.

We use a glycerin base which is very cool, you can actually melt your shaving soap into your container of choice. It makes the product so versatile as lathering up can be frustrating when you are pushing a bar of soap around in a bowl. Keep an eye out on our website, I will do a video on this in a few weeks.  

So, anything for the ladies?Those feet and hair care products look good?

Ladies make up a huge portion of our buyers, they don't seem to mind the 'Bundubeard' logo at all! I have introduced some ladies to our shaving soap and they now love using a brush to work up a great lather for a shave. The product line will expand though, and Bundubeard should find his love in the foreseeable future. Essentially all products can be used by both sexes. I make some custom sets also, matching a razor set to your bathroom gives me great pleasure.

The brightly colored commercial goop (a.k.a. as canned shaving foam/gel we get sold in stores), just look so out of place in a typical South African bathroom.

Where is your business based? We are working from our smallholding in Donkerhoek, east of Pretoria. We have our office and workshop on the premises, we love it as it attributes to a low carbon lifestyle we value so much.

Advice for others wanting to start their own business?

Hmmm, this one is easy as I am a son of God, I give him all the tough stuff, I simply do what pops into my head, it is quite simple! If I had to highlight an ethos it would be people before money. I aspire to help people and our planet.  

Biggest highlight since starting your business?

​Falling in love with the business! The products and concept is so simple yet brilliant! Show me any other product that saves you money, looks cooler than your current stuff, is better for the environment, and also better for your general well being and health?

It is such an awesome lifestyle change, I have come to love shaving so much and hope I can convert thousands more to switch to classic wet shaving. Shaving used to be great, an act that got your day off to a great start, and lifted one's mood. The huge corporates have turned it into a rushed, disposable chore, it is time to turn back the clock.

I have done a blog post where I explain how shaving with mainstream products will cost a young male approximately R2.3 million in his lifetime. If you are clever and switch to classic wet shaving you can cut that down to 10K! 

Biggest lesson learned?

Life in itself is a lesson and I think my biggest lesson is still to come, but one thing I have perfected is not to worry about stuff, in my previous line of work we have lost huge amounts of money on account of bad creditors, we wrote it off and moved on. Nothing inhibits progress as much as getting stuck in the past.

What is your favorite product? It is actually a razor with a black ivory handle that did not come out as planned, the handle was slightly misaligned and I could not sell it to someone, it is my go-to razor for my weekday shaves. That being said, I love our custom straights, and find it very difficult not to build up a massive personal collection of cutthroats!  

Where can people buy your range?

How can people get in touch with you?

All our contact info is on the web locations listed above.

And lastly:

Best bachelor’s venue ever… The bush with lots of firewood and companionship, Couple that with good conversation and a couple of frosty beers and you will come out wiser, not poorer! 

Your favorite beer & burger spot? Eish, have not had a burger in ages, but I love small, local establishments, 'Die Hoefyster' is one such place with very good food, ice cold beer, and value for money to boot, I would head there if I had to get a burger anytime soon.

To enter - The competition is now closed.

Congratulations to: Lebogang Khalo!

Stand a chance to win yourself or your Dad a 'Bundu Theme Shaving Kit' worth R1300.00 from BunduBeard! The Prize will consist of: Safety razor and black badger shaving brush and stand. A year's worth of BunduBeard shaving soap. A BunduBeard body soap. 4 Shampoo soap sticks, A shaving bowl. Five types of different razors so you can find your perfect fit!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Entries close at 8pm on Thursday evening.

2. The prize will be sent to you via overnight courier and will be delivered on Saturday - in time for Dad on Sunday.

3. You give consent that we can send you an introductory offer.

4. Prize is not convertable to cash.

5. Judges decision is final.

6. Competition is open to all South African residents. 

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