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from the earth

for Matt & Josh

"So much beauty we need to look after." -

My inspiration for opening my little shop. 
To me, From the earth - for MATT & JOSH literally means to stock, buy and introduce products that are natural and sustainable in order to ensure a future filled with nature and wildlife for our children.


And hopefully at the same time inspire and educate buyers that better choices ARE available - we just have to look for them.
There is so much beauty around us, beauty we are slowly destroying daily with our buying choices.

You can decide to make a difference.
Every day, with every purchasing choice.
Sustainable/better/eco/natural alternatives are here.

Evil prevails when good people do nothing - let's create a plastic free, toxin free world X


Our little shop is hidden away in a beautiful corner in Lynnwood road.

Shop 11, 1 Meerlust Business Park

c/o Meerlust and Lynwood, Equestria

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