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Trend Alert - Mobile Beverage Bars and Parlours at your Events

If there is one thing at a celebration that always catches my eye, it is a drinks bar or parlour.  I don't know why, but it just feels like a really big treat to walk over, order a professionally prepared beverage/drink, and then not to have to pay for it!

So cheap of me, I know! Anyone else feel the same? 

Not only does it look stylish and sleek, but it clearly conveys the host’s effort to spoil their guests , and treat them to something special.

Mobile bars and parlours are extremely popular, both for corporate events, and for private celebrations. Sold? Want to book? Then look no further than Moments , catering for all events in the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas. Moments is an owner run business, offering personalised & dedicated service. Hilton, the business owner, and his team offer a variety of slick bars and parlours available for hire. These are perfect for any function or event of any scale, from weddings to corporate events including; team builds, tradeshows, product launches, activations and PR events. Whilst the bars are a sleek and professional format, their old school carts( termed  “’parlours’)  are a bit more novel and fun- perfect for the more casual celebration including birthday parties.

All their bars and old school carts can be custom branded to match the theme of your event.

Moments has a great variety of beverages and drink bars and carts that you can hire for your event or celebration:  For each of these you can choose between the stylish bar set-up or more vintage parlour set-up. 1. Customised Alcohol Bar  2. Gin Bar 3. Cocktail Bar 4. Mocktail Bar 5. Smoothie Bar 6. Milkshake Bar 7.  Slush (Slush Puppy) Bar  8. Coffee Bar or Cart 9. Juice Bar 

How to go about booking Moments for your function or event?

Email or call Hilton to confirm availability and cost. You will then get to confirm the different type of drinks options and flavors you would like to offer your guests on the day.,

For which events can you book the mobile cart?

Any event!  Weddings / Baby showers / Bridal showers / Birthdays / Product launches / Training days / Corporate activation's / Birthday parties / Engagement parties / Wedding anniversaries.  If they can park their cart, they will be there!​

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Contact Nr:     0832597231



*** This is a sponsored post 

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