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  • Ina Groenewald

Pretty Donuts is a trend!

Our theme for July is Indigo & Rose Quarts, and I am happy to say that eventually, I have something pretty to share with you.

Two big trends at the moment are pretty donuts, whether you stack them or use them to make a donut wall and the second trend is brushstrokes.  

I have wanted to make some pretty donuts for some time, and this was the perfect opportunity.

I think the final product turned out great, so hope you love them as much as I do, and have fun making up your own creations.  

You will need:

(makes 12)

White Chocolate Discs (250gr packet will be more than enough)

Powder Food Coloring - no other coloring will work! 

Small silicone spatula for mixing

Clean painting brush with a small head, for small strokes, large head for large stroke

Sprinkles - I made my own by buying four different types and sorting them according to color.

Plain Donuts - from my local Spar 

Baking Paper  

Microwave or heat proof bowl.

For the Chocolate Brushtrokes

Heat 5 chocolate discs in two separate bowls (5 discs each) till melted, one for each color.  I melt my chocolate in the microwave, but for those of you that is a bit scared of doing that, use the double boiler method.

Because I made ombrè chocolate strokes, you have to start out by mixing the smallest amount of powder coloring into your chocolate - rather too little than too much, remember you cannot take color away. Once you have your perfect first shade of coloring, take your paintbrush and brush strokes onto your baking paper.  Start by painting all your brushstrokes, and then going back for a second layer, and then back for a third layer.  Three layers is enough for a nice sturdy chocolate brushstroke. 

Heat your chocolate again for 15 seconds or so, and add more coloring until you are happy with your second shade of color.  Repeat until you have all your different shades of brushstrokes.  

For the Donut Dipping

I used 10 chocolate discs to dip 6 donuts, so you do not need a lot of chocolate.  

Once the chocolate is melted, mix in the coloring until you have reached your desired shade. 

Firmly dip the donut into the chocolate up to half way, making sure it is nice and coated. Immediately turn the donut around, and firmly tap the bottom onto a counter three of four times, this will ensure that your chocolate coating will even out nicely.

Immediately decorate with your sprinkles and shards, before the chocolate sets.  

​That's it, have fun! 

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