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Mother's Day Dessert: Meringue Lollipop with ice-cream

This year for Mother's Day I am making a meringue lollipop for each guest which I will serve with some strawberry ice-cream, topped with sliced strawberries. You can use any fruit of your choice, or drizzle with a nice salted caramel dessert.

Four tips I can share:

1.  Follow the recipe to the letter.  I did and the meringues come out nice and crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.

2. You can do them using a handheld beater, I did, and all went well!


3 Large Eggs

150gr Castor Sugar (no other sugar)

Hand/bowl mixer

Gel Coloring

Piping Bags

Wax Paper

Piping nozzles to get different patterns in the meringue.

I used a large star tip nozzle to pipe the lollipop and small nozzles to add the detail.


​I used the very famous recipe by the Meringue Girls

The 150gr sugar with 75gr egg whites is the ratio I used and will be enough to do your meringue pops..

Once the meringue is perfectly mixed and not grainy anymore, transfer your meringue into a large piping bag with large star nozzle.

Pipe your pops from left to right onto a piece of baking paper.

Once piped, press your stick in (remember to pre-soak your sticks in water, and when piping, keep in mind how your lollipops on sticks is going to fit into the oven)

Remember to keep a little meringue separate to color for your detailed elements.

Carefully fold the coloring into the meringue.  Pipe detail and then add your sprinkles before popping into the oven.

Switch off your oven when meringues are done and let them cool in the oven.

Add your gold leave and Immediately transfer to a air tight container.  

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