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Free Printables: Easter Tabletop Decor, Egg Hunt and a cute DIY

It is almost that time of the year where we all have a solid excuse to gorge on Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns! 

To add a bit of fun to your Easter Weekend, SStudio Stationery and Design has designed the loveliest Easter printable's for you to play around with.

Hope you enjoy them and we would love to see some pictures!  


Includes a set of 6 signs that you can cut out, glue to a stick, and pop all over your garden.


The set includes:

Easter Bunting Flags

Happy Easter Sign 1

​Happy Easter Sign 2

Straw/Food Flags

Easter Gift Label to add onto an Easter Gift.  

Cupcake/Food Toppers

Download here:


This year I am placing a small meringue wreath onto each person's plate.

These where actually so quick and easy to make, I am looking forward to doing them again come Easter Weekend.

Four tips I can share:

1.  Follow the recipe to the letter.  I did and the meringues come out nice and crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside (I did reduce the oven time by about 15 minutes though)

2. You can do them using a handheld beater, I did, and all went well!

3. I wanted a light tinge of color, but dropped in two time gel coloring blobs - too much.  Maybe drop your color into a separate bowl and add the teeniest, tiniest bits at a time.

4. I made my wreaths too think. Double the size of the blobs to increase hardiness of wreath when handling.  


3 Large Eggs

150gr Castor Sugar (no other sugar)

Hand/bowl mixer

Gel Coloring

Piping Bags

Wax Paper

Piping nozzles to get different patterns in the meringue.  I used small nozzles - plain and star tip.

Next time I will be using medium nozzles. 


​I used the very famous recipe by the Meringue Girls

The 150gr sugar with 75gr egg whites is the ratio I used and will be enough to do your wreathes.

Once the meringue is perfectly mixed and not grainy anymore, transfer your meringue into separate bowls. 

Add your gel coloring.

Carefully fold the coloring into the meringue.

I traced out circles onto my wax paper to guide me while piping.  My circles where 7cm in diameter. 

Switch off your oven when meringues are done and let them cool in the oven.

Immediately transfer to a air tight container. 

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