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DIY Llama Party Bags

I fell in love with the Llama party bags the moment I saw them on Design Studio's Instagram page.  What a surprise to hear that Sammy made them them, when I requested where I could get my hands on some.

So today I am sharing with you how to make these very. very pretty party bags. The best part is that you will be able to customise these to fit any animal theme.

DIY Order and essentials

You’ll need

  • Scissors

  • Crafts Glue gun

  • Pritt glue

  • White paper bag 

  • Pom Poms in theme colours

  • White marker

  • Tassel (optional)

  • Llama party printable available to download. Available to download at the bottom of this post.


  1. Print out free llama printable preferably on 300g glossy paper as this will allow llama silhouette (or cutout) to hold up straight.

  2. Cut out Llama silhouette, saddle and name tag – put to side.

  3. Cut white paper bag in half and remove handles from top half.

  4. Glue Llama silhouette, saddle and name tag cutouts onto bottom half of white paper bag. Do this with normal Pritt glue.

  5. Use the glue gun to re-attached handles inside the white paper bag as well as the options tassel.

  6. Use white marker to personalize party bags on glued on party pack.

  7. Decorate with pom poms. 


       Design and Llama party printout  –   Designstudio by Sammy Gomes

     White paper bags and pom moms  –   Any party shop. I got mine from Newlands Accessories

       Glue gun, pritt, white marker, scissors – Any Crafts shop, I bought mine at Arts & Hobbies craft


       Flowers in styled shoot Belle Fiore

       Thank you Marethe Grobler for the lovely photography

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Oct 18, 2021

Hello mate ggreat blog post

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