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  • Ina Groenewald

Simple and pretty Easter Decorations DIY

I think for most of us, Easter weekend is going to be a very simple and reflective event this year.

Due to the National lockdown, we will not be able to spend Good Friday at church, or Easter Sunday with our families.

And as we are only allowed to go out for necessities, I am sure Sunday lunch is going to be something simple and yummy that we can put together with what we have in our homes.  

I was able to get some fun Easter goodies from my local Woolworths on Sunday, so we can play with those as a family after the Easter Egg Hunt.

I did not buy any Easter Egg Hunt signs, instead I will be using these beautiful bird printouts from The Arty Party - Download Here.​

She also designed the cutest Easter Bingo Game, and 8 Easter Cards (which will also be perfect to use during your Easter Egg Hunt) - Download Here.

Thank her and go and like her Facebook or Instagram page!

I searched around on Pinterest for some DIY Easter Decorations for our table setting, and decided I should look for something that most of us will have in our homes. I also wanted something quick and relatively painless. So that means that the main 'íngredient' for these DIY's are eggs! 

The rest I am sure, if you have children, you should find around the house as soon as you start going though a few drawers and arts & craft boxes.  But also loads of alternative materials will do, so you will not be stuck if you do not have the exact material. 

​Enjoy!  Please tag your social media posts #planmepretty so that I can share in my stories. 

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping strong and positive during this lockdown.

If you are not coping well, please let your family and friends know!

Lots of Love

Ina X

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