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Mother's Day Inspiration!

The combination of blue and pink is still one of my all time favorites and this beautiful styled shoot by Marissa from Konfetti Love, proves once again why.  This lady has some serious styling flair and manages to always come up with something unique and different.  So if you have not decided yet how to make Mother's Day special for your mom this year, draw some inspiration from all of Marissa's lovely ideas.

- A beautiful breakfast tray

- Custom placemats or card by having your little one drawing something for grandma

- Quality time together by enjoying a lovely tea or lunch together as a family.

My favorite detail?

The perspex flower center pieces!  Such a cost effective way of incorporating flowers without spending a fortune,  

Enjoy the images and have a lovely Mother's Day - whether you are spoiling your mum or the one being spoiled.

I love that we set aside a whole day to honour and celebrate the women who raised us. Doing something special for mom on Mother’s Day is the best way to celebrate all of the love, support, guidance and care that a mother puts into raising her children. And only after becoming a mother myself did I realise just how much time and effort it takes!

Ask most mothers what they want for Mother's Day, and you'll get more “moments ” than “presents", so what better way to celebrate than an outdoor ladies tea? For this shoot Littish from Littish Photography chose a stunning location at the AfroBoer Restaurant in Pretoria.

With bright floral arrangements, custom decor and mouthwatering cakes this Mother’s Day Shoot is to inspire and delight! For this theme I chose the soft blue and pink watercolours with stunning rose gold accents. To compliment the rose gold and gold elements, I also ended up adding a bit of orange which really gave it just enough pop of colour.

To set the table, I started off with a little DIY project I think will make any mom’s heart melt. I asked my 5 year old daughter to do an abstract watercolour painting on an A3 sized white paper. I then scanned and copied the artwork onto thicker A3 paper and voile, we then had stunning custom little placemats to use at each place setting.  It really gave the table a personal touch. I used light blue and rosegold drinkware, stunning gold rimmed blue dinner plates and the soft muted pink cake plates with rose gold cutlery to set each setting.

One of my favourite bits is the floral centerpieces I created. I followed an online tutorial and was lucky enough to find each and every item on the list here in South Africa. I had plexiglass cut to my desired size, drilled holes for the copper and brass rods and lastly cut your flowers short (just below the base of the flower) and stick them on top. The easiest ever! They looked like little floating flowers and I love the little bit of modern edge it brought to the table. I also then dug up some rosegold letters I bought over Christmas for Christmas decor and used them to create the MOM stand in the the centre of the table.  Then adding a few fruits to compliment the colour was the final way to add to the theme. Grapefruits, Lemons and Kumquats were the perfect addition

I always love using fresh flowers whenever I can, they bring so much life and colour to any event or table, so I decided to add the three beloved letters MOM too and covered them in the most gorgeous flowers. They were absolutely stunning and made quite a statement! 

Our table was set and all the decor in it’s place, so I invited three mommies for a bit of tea and cake and long came their three gorgeous children to enjoy the table and take some lovely images!

This may be a Mother’s Day celebration, but it would be simply divine for any occasion too! 

Service Provider Credits

Photography : Littish Photography Location : Afro-Boer Flowers, Decor & Styling : Konfetti Love Mother Models : Lebo, Carla & Deona

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