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  • Ina Groenewald

Wild & Three

Hallo Everyone!  Today we are starting our countdown to experiencing a little more freedom.  Only 7 days and we are able to at least start taking walks again!  So while we are all still safe at home, here is a few pictures from a very cute Wild & three birthday party for little Riley Jenson. 


One of my favourite details is the fact that very little plastic was used. In fact, I see zero single use plastic, and as for the painted animal figurines, those will still provide many hours of imaginative play.  

I also like the start contrast of the blue and yellow against the bright white.  It let's all the decor details burst to live! 

Enjoy the pictures and remember to send us your pretty parties too.  


Party theme: Young, Wild & Three: 

Decor, Design & Styling: Lemme Plan it - Claudine van der Walt

Photography: Claudine photography

Cake: Sweetly detailed

Cupcakes: Cake by Elsa

Venue: Lemme Plan It

Furniture: Lemme Plan It

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