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Sophie & Georgie’s 9th birthday sleepover celebration!

One of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram is that of Caley Rosenebrg - I love her style and she just seems to always do everything with so much enthusiams and buckets full of fun - I love that!

Today I am sharing the birthday celebration of the of her little one's, Sophie and Georgie. So much prettiness and amazing detail.

As I am typing this I am also thinking of Caley and all her family and friends, hoping they are safe, and that the lootings and unrest did not reach them. But praying for your safety and hoping that all will return to normal soon X

​From mom. Caley:

Ten little souls spending the night - sounds like chaos but was pure magic. There is nothing more heart warming than seeing your daughters surrounded by the sweetest friends, with the kindest hearts and so much love and respect for each other - having endless fun! One of the best days of our lives - as moms and daughters

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