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Baby is Blooming - A Spring Baby Shower

Today I am sharing the prettiest of  baby showers held in honor of Johannesburg based mommy-to-be, Sarah du Toit.  It is so refreshing, colorful and a feast for the eyes, thank you so much for sharing Sarah! ​From Sarah ...

Theme and Decor ...

I knew the shower would be close to Spring Day in SA (Sat 3rd September). Our baby is due 17 October and I wanted to do the shower about 5 weeks before so I could still run around and be on my feet enjoying myself. I am from the UK and love how everyone really goes to town when Spring arrives here in SA – wearing florals and bright colors. One of my best friends, Jinx (Janine) Beron, runs The Artistry, an event planning company, so I turned to her for lots of inspiration and advice. It was her idea to make the crepe paper flowers as the back drop. We all get together one Sunday afternoon and set to work making them – they are extremely fiddly and pregnancy hormones make me very impatient so bless, she finished most of them! The BABY foil balloons I already had from a Maternity Shoot so we re-purposed them. 

The Mimosa Bar ...

​Being British, I had to have a Pimms Cocktail to celebrate the warm weather. My friends and I love Champagne, so the Mimosa bar was a great way to have champagne early in the day, by diluting it with fresh fruit juice. I wanted to steer away from pastel “baby” colours as we still don’t know the sex, so everything had to be bright and cheerful. My idea was also to have one last “adult” celebration with my friends, so we steered away from too many games. We played Baby Bingo when I opened gifts but the rest of the time my guests just chatted, ate and drank! 

About Mom to be ...

​I’m 34, British, living in SA for 10 years. Married for 2.5 years. This is our first child. We don’t know the sex of the baby. My family are in the UK so I had 3 friends help me with the shower – Jinx, Mich and Tamlyn. I ​worked in Events and Promotions when I moved to SA in 2006 and loved being creative but could not take the late nights so changed focus and moved into Advertising in 2009. I was feeling unfulfilled and then got a break to work in the Non Profit Sector in June 2016. I am the Business Development Manager for a charity – The Topsy Foundation,, who help kids from rural communities reach their full potential by providing education, medical, nutritional and psycho-social support. The majority of work we do is with orphaned or vulnerable children ​I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Service Providers - Johannesburg based

Cake – Johan Boshoff - Flowers – Flower Boss Décor - Janine Beron (The Artistry) Photographer - Carey Dowse - Freelance Art Director and Photographer.  IG:​ @CareyDowse

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