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  • Ina Groenewald

A French Affair for bride-to-be Janine

Une affaire française

Today's bridal shower was planned and styled by Melissa, from Ever_After, for her soon to be, sister-in-law Janine.  My favorite part?  Love the french photo-booth backdrop! 

From Melissa:

As Janine’s matron of honour, I decided to go with a french theme for her kitchen tea as her love story with my brother Calvin all began when he was in Paris. He sent her the most beautiful bouquet of red roses for Valentines day and a few months later they were engaged! I personalised her kitchen tea by designing custom made stickers for her favours, wine, champagne bottles and welcome drinks. I also designed all the personalised touches for her sweet & savoury tables. It was such a special day & fun was definitely had by all!

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