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Blocks are one of the best tools to encourage holistic development at every stage of early childhood.


Blocks are open-ended and encourage imaginative play and problem solving. Children explore fundamental concepts of mathematics and physics.


The different shapes encourage shape recognition. Children are able to sort the blocks, classify, construct and participate in visual play, all of which aid cognitive development. Block play also encourages social and language development through cooperative play and collaboration.


These blocks add another dimension to play with primary coloured perspex in the centre. Through incidental play, children learn about colour, and as the light shines through the blocks, the colours mix and form secondary colours. This lays the foundation for learning about the colour wheel and colour mixing.


TIP: Play with the blocks outside in the light, next to a window or with a light source.


Our products are locally made, sustainable and non-toxic.


Product dimensions:

Material: Birch ply

Perspex: Red, Yellow and Blue

Quantity in a pack: 18 in a set

Sensory Blocks

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