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Easter Styled Shoot

Today's Easter styled shoot submitted by Marissa, owner and creative lady behind Konfetti Love, brings to life a lovely pastel Easter garden scene showcasing the work of some of our most talented, Pretoria based service providers.  It is whimsical, fun and makes me super excited to start putting together my family's Easter lunch! 

From Marissa

I’ve been excited about Easter for quite some time now. Easter has all my favourite colours wrapped up in one holiday and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!  The colour palette I decided on was inspired by a selection of macaroons by Nicole’s Macaroons. They are releasing their Easter Collection with two yummy new flavours and I decided to use the colours that would best compliment their selection. In their Easter selection box they have teal, pink, yellow, brown, purple and white macaroons all wrapped up in a little egg carton. When working with a few colours, such as in this case, I normally choose three main base colours and do variations of the colour here and there for maximum impact. This time around I chose yellow, pink and teal as my base colour. This might sound repetitive but more often than not, it makes for brilliant images as any other contrasting colours immediately stand out. 

That is partly the reason why I chose a garden setting. We shot these lovely images in the immaculate garden at the Osborne House in Brooklyn, Pretoria. The perfectly groomed hedges and evergreen lawn worked as a fantastic backdrop for our soft and muted colour scheme. The contrast of the green and dark foliage is exactly what I aimed for.

My table setting was fairly simple. I used the stunning selection of macaroons, a few speckled eggs, juice and then there were the most darling rabbit cake that Luna Berry made! One of my best finds for this shoot was a set of stunning olive green speckled Easter egg flower decor found at a local haberdashery. I knew that an impressive focal flower arrangement would have to accompany them as they were just too darling to leave out. I simply love how the contrast of the darker shades of pinks and yellows worked on this table! If you look closely, you will see the little eggs peak out here and there. 

There were a few Easter chocolate eggs too and the kids just loved them! Our little models were dressed in the most adorable little tutu’s from a local designer called Pop Tutu. One even looks like a speckled egg and the colours of the tule again matched our colour palette to the tea! 

It was an Easter shoot after all so a few bunny’s were in order. I tried to keep them minimal to keep the focus on the colour palette, so I opted for one modern looking bunny as table decor, one as tableware and then along came one fluffy brown bunny that made our hearts melt - evident in the images.

Seeing that we didn’t use a lot of traditional Easter decor, we opted to add the theme punch with a bit of stunning stationary, and Pinnipix in Graaff Reinet designed the most darling bunny ear straw tags, name cards for the girls and some signage for the shoot. 

It all came together so nicely and kind of makes me wish it was Easter all year round!

​View the rest of the images in the gallery below.

Service Provider Credits

Styling & Flowers - Konfetti Love Photography - Littish Photography Macaroons - Nicole’s Macaroons Cake - Luna Berry Tutu’s - Pop Tutu Stationary - Pinnipix  Venue -  Osborne House

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