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  • Ina Groenewald

Aloha to this fun Year-End Function!

With each blog post I am just amazed and the artistic talent and creativity that some people have!  This year-end function by Bunting & Blossoms, once again, made my jaw drop, love it!  I think this is possibly the closest you can feel like being in Hawaii, other than actually being in Hawaii!

From Barbara:

Usually when companies contact us to organise a yearend function, we expect rather lavish and grand briefs; followed by rather boring themes. This was not the case with one of the yearend functions we organised late last year. It was certainly an instance of “been there, done that” and the company wanted something totally different and fun for their yearend function. We were given a blank canvas and a budget, thus the function would still be lavish and grand – but with a fun twist!

We decided to opt for the tropical theme and incorporated bright colours and tropical plants…a perfect theme for a fun, fuss-free yearend function.

With this in mind, we set about organising a splendid event. We included surfing and beach elements as well for a fun touch and created party areas with beach sand, beach balls, umbrellas and benches. Pineapples featured a lot in the decorations and were placed on the tables as part of the centrepieces. 

Guests were also treated to a tiki bar, cocktail bar, candy table, savoury treats and food and a photo booth. We organised dancers as entertainment. Guests also received gifts in the form of drinking bottles – to mix those cocktails – and a pair of cool sunglasses to be worn on the day. As the day grew longer, guests also enjoyed the limbo bar!

The candy table included multiple treats – including cake pops, biscuits, macarons, rock candy and sweets.

This theme can work for multiple functions – milestone birthdays, bachelor & bachelorette parties and family gatherings.

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